My wife insists that all her favorite blogs (ie: have inspiration blogs. She wanted to make one of her own and is encouraging me to come up with my favorites. We'll see. This is her January short list...."my favorites that warm the mind, body and soul." Baby, what are doin'? "I'm blogging about Obama... and my boots"-I love her

1. Cottage Living Magazine- Inspiration as we update our 1925 Bungalow in Mystic
2. Nars Blush- Half Bronzer/Half Blush to chase away the pale January Blues
3. Our go-to recession buster Red.
4. Sitting at Kevin's bar at Bravo Bravo in Mystic having appetizers with my husband.
5. The Obama's First Inaugural Dance. 'At Last' sung by Beyonce. The collective national hope and joy in this moment... tears.
6. Ess-A Bagels in NYC. They ship hot, chewy, fresh bagels via Fed Ex. No cream cheese needed.
7. La Canadienne Boots. Developed in Montreal to survive to cold winters with some semblance of style
8. Dan Zanes. The best family dances happen to this multi-cultural, whimsical, folk musician who entertains small & big kids
9. Homemade Risotto- Hot pepper, Shrimp and Asparagus. Creamy comfort food