"Have you picked a date?" "Where will it be?" It doesn't take long. With the glow of your engagement story still fresh, the "to-be-wed" couple gets inundated with questions and enthusiasm about the big day. Once your venue and date are selected, where do you start? Sometimes it is as simple as your colors. The collective creativity and artistry is wonderful to see in weddings these days. The colors combinations are upscale, unique and inspiring.

So when the next question "what are your colors?" comes down the pike- this may help. This book is the go-to spot for more than 200 years of vintage textiles and design. Colors sets the tone for the whole event from invites to parting gifts. There are so many beautiful color combinations out there- and this book and the design library website may have the swatch that gets you started.

Textile Designs: Two Hundred Years of European and American Design

|mike and erica|