I love barns. I adore rustic simplicity. If I got one dream wedding "do-over" it would be the Vermont barn in high summer feel (vs. our barrier island beach wedding down south- wonderful as well, just as opposite as you can get!) Casual game of Horseshoe, string lights, bluegrass, post and beam and a fantastic indoors-flows-gracefully-to-the-outdoors type party. These photos capture a bit of that "do-over" dream. Inspiration boards keep the endless 'look and feel' options wide open long after the wedding day is over.

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Top Board
1. Dancing couple, beaux arts photography 2. Escort Cards Kirsten Ellis, 3. Swing beaux arts photography 4. Interior, via Darling Dexter
Bottom Board
1.Centerpiece, beaux arts photography 2. Cake Kirsten Ellis 3. barn interior, Kirsten Ellis