People are facing very real financial hardships and loss. Wedding planning takes on a new form when you are dealing with a financial picture that may have changed since your engagement. Job loss and diminished nest eggs may be reshaping your vision of the big day. My husband and I keep getting back to something we recently heard- In Chinese, the symbol for crisis and opportunity are the same symbol. Seems to be the perfect gem to capture the collective sentiment of these times.

As it relates to wedding planning, maybe this is the opportunity to redefine what are your absolutes and where you want to spend your budget. What feeling do you want to come away with after your wedding day? Perhaps that you have artfully captured all of your memories (allocate most of budget to top knotch film and photography), or an excellent party (that perfect band), wowed your guests (a venue that speaks for itself) or a gastronomical delight (chose the caterer known for haute cuisine). While this blog is not the format for addressing the economy, we will begin featuring more DIY projects and recession buster ideas to make your wedding abundant and delightful in all the right ways.