March seems to be baby month. I have gotten two birth announcements this month and two more colleagues and friends are expecting their firstborn any day now. On a recent trip to IKEA with my sister, I was reminded how the Swedes do it right when it comes to kids. Vibrant decor, cotton clothing and wooden toys.

Years ago, when work took me overseas for six months to Scandanavia, one of my biggest impressions was how the new moms seem to have a good thing going. Active and connected to community they would stroll down the city streets and parks of Stockholm with the other moms (on 18 month maternity leave!) with these little cherubs wrapped up. The baby snuggled into little duvet pockets in off roading strollers and older sibling playing with a wooden toy. Seriously. Little excess, no plastic.... just a few hand selected quality items. And the kids did not seem deprived and longing for their Hannah Montana plastic microphone.

This is my collection of European inspired kid wares that just seem to make sense. I love the animal onesies with big elephant ears to mop up drool via Spoon Sisters.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to be a household full of these items, reduce waste and even support some local artisans? Some of the little March lambs will surely receive an item or two from this Swedish inspired board.

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Baby and pillow Dwellshop, Monkey Sock Kit via Posh Chicago, Kid Prints Mahar Dry Goods, Toy Chest Owyn, Kid socks papastour, Italian Marbles Posh Chicago, Bib via Spoon Sisters, Little Girls Dress Tallulah Jones