We'll admit it. We don't use soy ink cartridges or have solar panels and probably never will. But we do buy in bulk (reduce packaging), have a compost pile (okay so we haven't used it since we tossed our Halloween pumpkins there- so it could very well be a pumpkin patch next year), will plant a raised veggie garden, recycle, have Lucy use both sides of the paper for artwork and try to carpool whenever we can (phew, seems like a lot when crafted into a run-on sentence.) Yes, we believe in it and it certainly is hip to be eco-chic but sometimes, as Kermit sang years ago, it is just not easy being green. Today- we can all be green in our own little way. Happy St. Patrick's Day. Pass the green beer and check out these beautiful green wedding images... baby steps.

photos: Top Inspiration Board courtesy of Ruby Press Bottom two images courtesy of Corbin Images and Potted Shamrocks from Red Envelope.