Yep, it is official. Here in New England we are so over winter but we still have a blanket of white snow from our recent N'oreaster. Sure, enchanting and pretty the first day with the all-day-PJs/snow day with Lucy, photos of icicles shining in the sunlight, hot cocoa and get the picture. Truthfully, the shelf life on that charm is about 30 hours. Now we just need Spring.

Although we may have a blanket of snow the Robin and two black capped Chickadees were singing their hearts out this morning in our Hydrangea Tree (yep, a tree not a bush. We have to figure out how to prune this pre-season. Otherwise it morphs into this abundant, pink flowering tree weighted down from the blossoms near our doorstep.) This Post is for all the lil' birdies who remind us Spring is coming. To me, they are little beacons of hope. Maybe it is that symbolism of hope that makes them a perfect theme for wedding decor these days.

The birds are ready, we are ready. Bring it.

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Yellow bird cake and yellow and black bird purse Orchard Cove Photography and Etsy, White Vase Three Potato Four, Table Sign Poser via Green Wedding Shoes, White and Blue Nest and bird plates Three Potato Four, Yellow Print Sparkle Horse via Etsy