When Mike's computer whirs to a start every morning- his default url is the New York Times where he carefully goes through world news and weather (he loves forecasts... is that a guy thing?) over his first cup of coffee. Me? Well I have my morning coffee news routine, too. It consists of carefully reading through each and every one of my favorite blogs for the most riveting current events. Then I go to the NY Times. Maybe my priorities should shift a bit? Regardless, how thrilled was I when yesterday, I found blog-worthy content in the real news category? Now Mike can look over in comfort as I mumble, "hmm...interesting" reading through the NY Times website.

The New York Times news? Whoopie Pies are making a comeback. I love it. From record sales at Magnolia Bakery in Manhattan to countless requests from brides wanting comfort food on their dessert buffet- the whoopie pie is being reborn-no longer just the classic rest stop sweet of the 50's. I think the Williams Sonoma catalogue put it best--- "pure edible nostalgia".