Lets face it- a wedding is a day to celebrate the love between two people. Wedding planning, however, is entirely different. It's a girl thing. Mom's, sisters, girlfriends and female colleagues all jump into the fun details. Brides are always looking for the perfect way to thank these special women for the year long advice and logistic sessions that go into the wedding planning.

With Mother's Day around the corner- this might be the perfect gift from our friend and talented photographer, Maggie Conley for a particularly special mom in your "planning committee". The Mother and child portaits. Maggie says I created this portrait after falling in love with so many of the Madonna and Child masterpieces in the Italian museums. This portrait is an experience; it is more elaborate than a normal portrait and may involve very deliberate choices as to lighting or symbols. Depending on your taste, you may choose between the following three styles to guide the vision:

Modern :simple backdrop with an eye towards the simplicity of form.
Renaissance: dramatic lighting on a dark backdrop with classical styling.
Au Naturale: an outdoor setting with or without backdrop.

Maggie has a gentle, fun, natural manner that puts you at ease the way your best girlfriend would. And her work? It speaks for itself.