Something is up. As of late, at final wedding appointments,I will spend an inordinate amount of time asking details about couples honeymoon destinations hanging on every detail of their planned journeys. At the DMV last week while waiting to officially change my name, I took a sentimental journey through my passport and recollecting the border patrol for each of the stamps. What a point of pride it was for a period in my life (early twenties) when my passport was messy with stamps and dog-eared from all the youthful globe trotting. A year abroad in Germany took me through just about every country in the EU and a post graduate coursework in Costa Rica had me and my best friend (naively, I may add) hopping every possible bus (full of chickens and people) through Central America.

These images from Toast (worth going on their site and ordering a catalogue-just for the images) and my new favorite coffee table book from Lonely Planet may just help keep the wanderlust at bay until Mike and I can go in search of the next passport stamp.