Just spoke with a bride who is bringing in an ice cream truck as the perfect send off for her outdoor summer wedding. Love it.
This ingenious vendor in Kansas City took the refreshing wedding treat a step further. Fresher than Fresh has made the rounds and built quite a reputation in the press (and in the blogosphere) for her gourmet snow cones served up in a vintage style trailer.
I love it when it looks like a cottage industry ignited by passion catches and spread by word of mouth and happy people. Fresher than Fresh has a simple Facebook presence & blog (no fancy website) but a real following. "The snow cone syrups are made from fresh fruit and herbs with no artificial colors or flavors. When drizzled over superfine shaved ice, they are the most refreshing summertime treat." Blueberry Sage. Ginger Rose. Cucumber melon. Watermelon Basil. With flavors as refreshing and poetic as these- why can't they duplicate Fresher than Fresh across the country for all the summer brides out there?