outdoor tablescape photo credit

Outdoor eating is the best way to enhance the flavor of any meal. We are working on it. Still searching for the right outdoor furniture and nurturing our garden along after a (too) rainy June.So far the dill, cilantro, basil are the top performers in the herb department and our tomato plants are coming along. Beans, hot peppers and three varieties of lettuce are not far behind. For now, the easy sprouting and early showing radishes are the only edible item. But who likes radishes?

How delightful is tomato, mozzarella and basil drizzled with olive oil, cracked pepper +sea salt? Summertime on a platter. Some day in August we will have Caprese along with chips & habenero pepper salsa relaxing on our new deck furniture.

Somehow Radish salad on folding chairs doesn't have the same ring to it. Baby steps.

{erica + mike}