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September is here. The sky is a deeper hue of blue, the air is crisp and the crickets seem to begin their song in late afternoon as the evenings cool off quicker. There is a distinctive mood and feel we all recognize from school days that accompanies the beauty of September. To me, it is when we should celebrate New Years. Can't you picture a big Harvest Moon and late September celebration? Routines change with the seasonal shift and it seems to just jump start a reflective spirit.

That said, this summer in New England we were a bit jipped. Summer didn't really kick in until July so I am not alone with the hope that we get plenty of those long Indian summer days to enjoy the beach. I prefer the quieter pace and September is the "new June" for Weddings at the vineyard- something about the softer light, moderate temperatures perfect for outdoor ceremonies and grapes plump waiting for Harvest. Thought it was fitting that this posting of Morning Coffee highlight the soft tans, greens and creams that come with late summer/early fall celebrations. This rooms seems to be the perfect Summer into Fall room inviting casual gatherings- the Italian tile, a glass of wine and maybe a fire to warm up the cool evenings. Happy Autumn!