There is nothing that captures the sentimental simplicity of love like true film, grainy and saturated colors and short clips on a Super 8 camera.

We look forward to sharing more of our Vintage Super 8 Work in the coming months. More of our clients appreciate how the film shorts evoke such sweet playfulness and nostalgia of days gone by. We are getting more requests to add vintage film for bridal preparations and engagement shoots. In todays world, there is the constant quest to move forward, keep up on the latest trends & technology ( twitting, HiDef, FB videos and the list goes on). Shooting in Super 8 is a refreshing chance to go back to the basics.

Plus the cameras (ours circa 1968) are a complete hoot with their two button technology and whirring film sounds.
Check out this recent clip of an engagement shoot for Jamie and George getting married next summer!

Click Here: EngagementShoot_Super8