For Thanksgiving yesterday, I was reminded of what made our wedding so beautiful to us. In any celebration, it seems to be all the ways that the family and friends, in small and big ways, pitch in to make the gathering memorable.

In a hectic and overcrowded kitchen (and an empty living room- why is that always the way?) it was hard to stop and reflect yesterday.

But today,while the bigger topics make me deeply thankful (health, family, old friendships, rewarding work, love) sometimes it is the small ones that really resonate.

Conversations of the heart with my husband over glass(es) of wine while chopping/ dicing/bagging the veggies on Wednesday night

Artfully designed place settings and thoughtfully decorated chalk board menu by Lucy- our artist in residence.

The hours Jeannie logged in at the sink hand washing every platter and mixing bowl while keeping countless dishwasher cycles clean

Lisa's humor, skilled cooking hand and a beautiful sense of timing that helped me serve up the twelve sides together AND piping hot

Kit packing up her kitchen to help me outfit my own with every conceivable need. I hadn't anticipated ever needing 20 serving spoons at once. That and the gift of a cribbage board- a Cyr family staple

Ray's sentimental gifts of photos for everyone from Thanksgiving circa 1976 reminding us all how family grows, diminishes and is ever changing. Our time with family is precious and fleeting.

Dickie carefully tending to two 21 lb deep fried birds and a bbq spiral cut ham outside with Mike

Helen for going clamming the day before to stock up on the most delicious addition to our appetizer menu. How did we ever do Thanksgiving without steamers?

Alex & Alba (the boyfriend and girlfriend of cousins Lauren + Jed) who laughed, jumped in and drove several hours to spend their family day with ours- making them, well... family.

My brother-in-law, John- saying simply, thanks. Thanks for making my brother so happy.

We hope you all had a wonderful day of Thanks!