As we head off to New York City to visit friends and see one of Mike's favorite bands- it seems timely that this post is about music. Music has always been a part of his life- school (Berklee), young adult life (popular local band) and early professional life (SONY and other record studios in NY). We recently rented It Might Get Loud, a documentary on the electrical guitar and the legends. While I fought sleep into the wee hours, he managed to watch it one and a half times in one (late) night only to watch the directors cut the next day. He was animated, moved and inspired just talking about it. (it made have made its way back into our NetFlix cue.)

When I was busy proclaiming my new years resolutions- he silently was busy acting on his...making music a part of every day. He made his guitars more accessible and in a basket in the living room are ready to grab tamborines, maracas, shekere and a bunch of other things to scrape, tap, shake and rattle. Lucy is really taking to the new change. Nothing like a Sunday morning jam session to make you feel like the Partridges.

All that to say, the man knows how music shapes a mood. Triggers a memory. Brings people together. He thrives on music and is always on the hunt for new, fresh and edgy as much as he appreciates the classics. Along with an artful eye and relentless editing, he truly brings moments on film to life through music. Check out a fun example from our friends and colleagues, Lucinda (Chocolate Creative Design) and Sarah (True Event) of True and Wesson.
{ So much fun to stumble across a Buzz plug at the end, too. Thanks True + Wesson!}