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Romantic ecolodges on white sand beaches. River trips down the Amazon and rugged vistas of the Andes. Quaint ski village in the French Alps. Springtime in the Rockies. Tropical waterfalls in Kauai. January in New England is clearly the time we all long for any one of those getaways.

For the 2010 wedding couples, what better way to focus the gift giving than registering for your honeymoon? One site that seems to do it well is Traveler's Joy.

As we plan our own winter getaway, I am increasingly drawn to renting a flat, brownstone, bungalow, villa (depending on the location) from a true local. I love the idea of living somewhere new and exotic without the limitations of a hotel. Finding off the beaten path locales, shopping in farmers markets, going to the local pub, cooking regional cuisine in a kitchen, seeing how the neighbors live their and tourism with an eye on authenticity. The trick is finding a place as good as the photos promise.

Our friends returned from a Fall getaway to Italy and highly recommend Italy Perfect. Two sisters who started a company and places a premium on hand selecting properties and visiting each one for a stamp of approval. (um, nice job.)

For the rest of us already married, these sites give plenty of inspiration for that late winter getaway.
Bon voyage (even if, like us, it is just from the laptop for now.)