This weekend here in New England thawed us out and warmed up our collective soul. Sixties, sunshine and warm smell of damp earth shook off the cabin fever and got us all moving.

Looking back, I was such a motivated blogger this time last year. I made a mood board for every whim and inspiration...including this one on Spring fever in early March. Well, one year later I am recycling that sentiment from this post. A wedding decor tribute to all the lil' birdies singing their hearts out trying their darndest to make Spring come a bit quicker.

March is definitely coming in like a lion with several clients projects on deck deadlining by end of March (and out like a lamb?) April is slated for long overdue renovation/restoration on the second half of the Buzz studio. These images and this weather has me wondering if we should take a closer look at the potential of the shed in our backyard instead?

Happy Spring.

{erica + mike}