Perusing through Facebook last night, I tripped on a great photo album from a former Boston colleague who got married in California this month. Definitely have a love/hate with Facebook but this is one of the real perks. Here is a woman who I shared in fantastic work adventures overseas, office laughs and a mutual love of language and travel {we worked for this company}-yet would likely not have remained in touch. With Facebook, I am able to see her on her wedding day and all the photo captions that get me right up to speed on her life. She gave up a hectic PR/marketing career in the city to move to Northern California to work for a biodynamic farm, meet her husband and later get married right on site.

This is what she said in the caption below a photo of her wedding ceremony location spot.Our ceremony site at Campovida (field of life), a gorgeous arbor of weaving old stock vines of different grape varietals. We thought we originally wanted a church for this ceremony. This magical space filled with dappled sunlight and lush vines was our cathedral...of vines. Couldn't have been more perfect for a couple who loves wine and the earth!

Then I saw this wedding on SMP today---more of the same al fresco style beauty.