It happens so reliably every year, there must be a name for the syndrome. When the first of August hits, I start to panic that there are just not enough days left in the summer to do summery things. We are so fortunate to have such a busy high season- this weekend off to the Cape, next to Nantucket and soon a ferry ride to the Hamptons to film gorgeous weddings with talented people and the most gracious and happy clients. It is hard to believe we have already filmed more than ten weddings this season with our busiest months to come!

For all the couples who may be getting married in late Summer/early Fall and also in your own 'busy season', be sure to take a moment to soak in summer before it is gone. Take a pre-moon with your groom {a simple overnight somewhere close by does wonders}, put aside your to-do list for one night and kick back and take in Summer 2010. At least that is the conversation going on in our world these days.

These images from its mary ruffle might just be the reminder we all need to put down the checklist and check out for a day or two...Happy August weekend!