This weekend was gorgeous. Budding daffodils, bright blue skies, soft breeze+ cherry blossoms peaking out of their winter slumber. Then today, not so much. Misty, grey and well, a little Monday chill. This inspiration board is just so pretty from 100 Layer Cake. Loving saffron yellow and those grapefruit pinks in that gorgeous painting in the board, while doing my best to appreciate those first fickle days of Spring.

The official 'Studio Expansion' project is well underway here at Buzz. We will likely not have the complete 'before and afters' until early Summer but these bold, spring colors are an inspiration. Our aesthetic definitely leans towards the muted grey/tans, white trim, lots of sunshine and hardwood floors. The hope is we find a few oversized art pieces with our spot lighting to give it a pop. Unfortunately, original art might just may take a little longer to find {read: budget}. I spotted this great piece, tracked down the gallery via SFgirlbythebay and realized, as happy and beautiful as it is, the $4000 they were asking might be better spent on the latest camera steps.

Given how colorful and free-spirited the artwork is, it seems like we may be able to put Lucy on that task? Have you ever taken on art projects to finish a space within budget? Any ideas warmly welcome!