(spring plantings on our patio)
Since this blog began in late 2008, we have rarely gone a week without blog posts, let alone over a month!
This blog is our little friend and we have been terribly neglectful. We missed our cyber journal as it measures our days, weeks and seasons in the studio here at Buzz. We enjoy sharing the projects, the moods, the films and the friends we make along the way. If you are a reader {we love when random comments show we have at least a couple!} , thanks for not giving up and checking back in. We are excited to share some recent film projects in the upcoming posts!

So what took us away for over a month? For starters, Buzz underwent a true overhaul. It continues to be a work in progress but we expanded our square footage, our calendar of events and soon, our staff. We wanted to share a few snapshots from around the studio today. C'mon in...

Our days, in addition to filming and editing full time, are spent trying to solve these puzzling questions...

...where can we find more space for new work stations and 'corner offices'?

...when and what should we hang on the walls of our bright new studio?

... where do we store everything needed for the ever-expanding life at Buzz?

... how do we not lose sight of life balance {family, music, friends, down time}?
Suffice to say, we have not answered those questions, just found more to ask. But we are working on it. And all that time, apparently, kept us from blogging.

In late April, we headed to The Plaza in NYC for a very elegant affair headed up by the very talented event designer and friend Raina Dawn along with photographer Christian Oth. A beautiful Spring day in New York City was the perfect way to kick off the season! The film to follow but here are few iphone photos from our day of shooting.

Just a quick hello & a brief apology before we get back on track with some fun films to follow!
Happy Spring.

{mike + erica}